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What to Wear at HCA


HCA students have worn uniforms since 1998.

Casual uniforms are worn everyday with the exception of Chapel Days (Day 5) or other special occasions. Casual Uniforms consist of a comfortable crested golf-shirt (burgundy) paired with black bottoms and black shoes. Full-dress uniforms are distinctive to HCA and have pieces specific to various grades of students.

HCA Uniform List  Top Marks Uniform Orders  Used Uniforms 


Gr. 1-6 Full Dress
Gr. 7-12 Full Dress
Gr. 11-12 Alternate Full Dress
Why do we have uniforms?

We believe that uniforms are valuable for our school community for a number of reasons:

  • Demonstrate respect
  • Create unity
  • Build identity and association with HCA
  • Presents a modest appearance and students are well-dressed regardless of family income or fashion trends
  • Save money over time

By choosing HCA, you choose to support our uniform guidelines.

Some ways we support uniforms at HCA:
  • Customer Service Days (most months) hosted by Top Marks, our uniform supplier.
  • Used uniform sales to provide families with the opportunity to buy & sell used uniform pieces
  • Subsidies and assistance for those who require financial support to purchase uniforms
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